Chongqing Renewable Resources Group Co., Ltd.

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Spirit of enterprise: Honesty, Innovation, Hard work, Harmony and Development

Purpose of enterprise: Administration of the urban and rural renewable resources development; Guide of the municipal renewable resources recycling network system

Business principle: Human oriented, Service first

Value philosophy: Science, justice, Development

Staff guidelines: Criterion, Preciseness, Unity, Endeavor

Enterprise slogan: Resources renewable for better life
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Major events

In 1965, Chongqing wastes purchase&wholesale center was founded.
In 1958, the wastes center was re-organized to Chongqing wastes recycling company.
In 1959, the recycling company unified recovery of all social wastes except scrap metals from the large central provincial factories which were recycled by the City Planning Commission.
In 1963, it was named Chongqing supply & marketing cooperatives wastes recycling company.
In 1965, it was renamed as Chongqing waste material recycling corporation
In 1980, Chongqing Material Recycling Corporation established its rubber marketing department
In 1981, its metal stores and Xin Yi allocation stores were re-organized as independent business units directly under the Corporation.
In 1984, it carried out manager responsibility system which was the first pilot enterprise under Chongqing Supply&Marketing System trying out the reform of leading system.
In 2000, Chongqing Material Recycling Corporation reformed.
In January,2009, Chongqing Renewable Resources (Group) Co.,Ltd.was established and became a municipal enterprise directly under Chongqing supply and marketing cooperatives general agency.
In May,2009, the Group became the pilot enterprise of renewable resources recycling system construction.
In August,2010, the Group completed its organization frame, and entered group management mode.
December 25th , 2011, The Renewable Resource Group signed the project cooperation agreement with government of Chongqing Dazu district. The group will invest 5 billion yuan into Shuangqiao economic and technology development zone for the construction of Renewable resource industry park which covering the area of 1235.5 acre.
June,2012, The Renewable Resource Group had completed the stock-share reform and started to operate as a large group.
July,2012, The Renewable Resource Group was appraised as the Advanced collectives
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